The Bunnies are Out to Get Me

April 29, 2009

By now most people are well aware that I hate achievements. Furthermore, I avoid most holiday events like the plague. Yeah, I know, I’m a real scrooge.

It’s been a rough week. The out of character guild chat channel is filled with a steady stream of discussion related to bunnies, laying eggs, and chocolate. Especially chocolate. I think I’ve gained five pounds just listening to them talk.

Half the guild is parked in Un’Goro Crater and poor Reant is terrified to show her face in a major city since she inevitably ends up with bunny ears. BUNNY EARS! Do you have any idea how ridiculous bunny ears look on a Forsaken warrior!?

All this cheerfulness and frivolity was getting to me. Needing a break, I logged onto Aleathea and joined a group of old friends for a night of raiding. We decided to pay Sartharion a visit on our way to Uduar. I think he owed Deadsong  money or something.

*happy sigh* There is nothing in the World of Warcraft that makes one feel quite so heroic as tanking a dragon. Especially on an island, in the middle of an ocean of lava, with molten waves crashing down on you periodically and lava falling from the sky.

This was my element, as far removed from bunnies, chocolate and eggs as wha-?

There on the ground, quite literally at my feet, was a brightly colored egg.

I stared. It stared back. I tried to back away. The pastel colors, the smooth round shape, the mystery of what lay hidden inside … I had not actually *seen* one of these eggs before.

I glanced around. My companions were dispatching the last of the elementals, no one was watching. My hand moved of its own accord. I could take this *one* egg, no one would ever know.

*Aleathea has earned the achivement, I found one!*

Bah! How was I supposed to know that simple act would earn me an achievement! A flood of cheerful congratulations descended upon me and I cried inside.

It’s a conspiracy. The Bunnies are out to get me.



  1. Be careful! It’s addictive. LOL!

  2. That is priceless! 😀

    (They’re good with their trickery, are they not?)

  3. Bahahahaha!

    That is all.

  4. 😀

  5. Ya, I can safely say I share your dislike for holiday achievements, but that should I find an egg staring at me… I’ll end up with “I found one!” too.

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