Kidnapped by Gnomes!

June 7, 2009

It was a dark and stormy night.

(You know this is going to be good with an opening like that!)

I was relaxing in my favorite chair  enjoying a mug of Captain Rumsey’s Lager.  The Filthy Animal Inn was deserted save for a couple of Trolls making out in the back corner.  I was happily contemplating my naval and the meaning of life when the tranquil atmosphere was shattered by the sound of mechanical whirring.  I looked down to see a drill appear out of the ground beside my table.  Out streamed a bevy of long haired, wild eyed, fang toothed gnomes.  Before I could recover from my shock, they were upon me.  I was bound and gagged, tossed in a feed grain sack and carried deep into the bowels of Gnomeregon.

I eventually managed to escape by hiding myself in a beer keg bound for  Khaz Mhodan.  Eleven hours in a beer keg, carried by a stumbling pack mule.  Words fail me to describe the horror.  Suffice it to say, it has taken some time to recover from the ordeal and I am only now returning to the land of the mostly living.   Please rest assured, I am safe and well and will resume my normal writing schedule in time.


So, I am not dead.  I have not quit the game.  I have not quit blogging!

I went on vacation early last month and have not yet recovered.  I made the phenomenal mistake of taking a week long vacation in a location that had no internet access.  I will never do that again.  I called my long-suffering husband twice a day, making him read (and re-read) to me every new post on the guild forum, give me updates and relay messages to in-game friends and even convinced him to do my Jewel Crafting and Sons of Hodir dailies.  *sighs happily*  I really do have a wonderful husband.

I believe I mentioned a few weeks back that I lost my job.  I was working for a state department that got outsourced.  I am using the time off to focus on the on-line Medical Coding and Billing program I am enrolled in.  I am hoping to finish within the next few weeks and move into that job field soon.

I have also been spending a lot of time with my parents who, after living here in my hometown for twenty-five years, decided to move away.  My husband and I moved back here from Florida only a year  ago and, somehow, I had always imagined they would be here.  They left this weekend. *cry*

As for my in-game activity, it has been a bit sparser than usual due to my necessary focus on real life recently.  Still, I’ll provide a brief update for those who, for some unaccountable reason, may be curious.

Reant, my prot warrior on the Cenarion Circle RP server, has developed a disturbing addiction to Savory Deviate Delight.  Her friends are concerned she may need professional help.  Despite her habit of yelling “yar!” at  inopportune moments, she is welcomed by the community at large and has found a happy home amongst the role players on this realm.

Aleathea, my prot paladin on the Draka server, is working her way through Ulduar.  I have the rare pleasure of raiding in company of players who are not only very talented, but are also my very old friends.  This group has been raiding together for nearly three years (and a few of them go back even farther) and, while we enjoy progressing through new encounters, the real enjoyment is in time spent with one another.

Though time spent in Real Life as well as my involvement in the RP world has taken me away  from Draka to some extent, my heart is still with this group of friends and it is with pride that I  zone in each week to stand beside this team of friends and meet the challenges of progression raiding in Ulduar.

Yogg Saran, we’re coming for you!


So, there you have it!  I survived my ordeal and am whole in body if not in mind.  I have several posts in the works and hope to get back to a more regular writing schedule soon; although, with crazed gnomes running loose, I can’t promise anything.

Until next time … I hope you are well and enjoying the game — and life — as much as I.



  1. *wipes brow* Phew! I think I killed the last of the Gnomes. You should be free & clear now to write to your heart’s content.

    Sorry about the mess, though. Gnomes have an inordinate amount of blood in their tiny bodies.

  2. just so you know, the act of contemplating your navel for meditation is called omphaloskepsis. it just happens to be my favorite word.

  3. But in real life, Great Expectations stars Douglas Booth and Vanessa Kirby have been enjoying the most playful and flirtatious of relationships – creating an on-screen chemistry that helped the BBC1 adaptation attract up to 6.6 million viewers.

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