Chapter Six: New Recruits

September 17, 2008

Shattrath City

Avetar stared in wonder at the magnificent city rising around her.  The light that radiated from its center bathed everything in gentle light so that the city seemed to glow from within.  Outside, the clamor of street vendors rose to a dull roar while representatives of every Horde and Alliance race passed her.  Many rode strange flying brooms and giant metal contraptions the like of which she had never seen.  An exotic looking elf with purple hair swooped low over head.  She jumped back nearly colliding with a Dwarf standing close behind her.

He chuckled merrily, “Ye ain’t from around these parts are ye?”

The sight of a two headed bird perched on his shoulder took her off guard.  “Um, yes … I mean no … that is … I’m not from around here.”

He addressed the bird triumphantly, “Hah!  What did I tell you.  I’ve an eye fer the newbies I ‘ave.  Can spot ’em a mile away.”  Turning his attention back to her he smiled broadly.  “Never fear, pretty lass.  I’m here and I don’t intent to let ye out o’ me sights.”

“That’s very … thoughtful of you I’m sure.”  She extended her hand politely, “My name is Avetar, what might your name be?”

He looked around in bewilderment, “Me name?  Well now, that’s an interesting question.  I had a name once … it’s been a while.”  He looked inquiringly at the bird.  “Trachela, what were it them folks used to call me?  Eh, speak up!  Ah yes, Fishbulb it were!  Me name be Fishbulb.”  He grasped her hand and pumped vigorously.  With a wink he added, “But you, me dear, can call me The Bulb.” 

She retrieved her hand and backed away, “That’s very kind of you, but now I think I’d best be on my way.”

He fell into step behind her.  “And where be ye a goin’ in such a hurry young lass?”

“I am heading to BIA headquarters.  I’ve come to join the fight against the Legion.”

He stopped abruptly and brandished his axe.  “The Legion, mighty dangerous folk they be.”  He glanced warily around as if expecting a Fel Reaver to appear at any moment.  “Not safe fer a wee lass like herself to go alone.  I best go along and keep ye outer trouble.”  He lowered the axe to Avetar’s relief.

“Now tell me, which way be we a goin’?”

“Well, I don’t actually know…”  she looked around helplessly.

“Pardon me, I don’t mean to intrude, but did you say you are looking for BIA headquarters?”

Avetar turned and saw two night elves standing close at hand. “Yes, we are.”

The speaker stepped forward, “Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Sartoss and this is my sister Sahra.  We are also headed to BIA headquarters to offer our aid.  Would you and your friend care to join us?”

Fishbulb looked as if his eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of his head.  “Elves!  And beautiful ones at that!  Wherever yer goin’ count me in!”

Shattrath City, BIA Headquarters

Greenthumper looked over the roster of new recruits and smiled to himself.  Each one showed excellent potential and would make a welcome addition to their ranks.  He studied the names mentally reviewing each new member.

Avetar, a young Paladin from Stormwind showed great promise as a healer.

Fishbulb, a Dwarf hunter from … well, even he didn’t seem to sure where he was from.  The best anyone could make out was that it involved a lake somewhere.  Despite his memory lapses he was the best shot Green had ever seen and after observing his skill with traps he was ready to forgive any oddities.

Sartoss and Sahra, twin sisters from Darnassus.  Sartoss exhibited excellent leadership skill and, with proper training, would become a fine warrior.  Greenthumper made a note to recommend her for officer training.  Sahra was trained in the Shadow path.  She was quieter than Sartoss and her gentle personality and kind disposition made her a favorite among the recruits.  Both sisters had studied at an exclusive school in Darnassus and their family was well known in Elven high society.

Their arrival was closely followed by that of Helliott, a middle aged Dwarf who had once owned the largest bank in Ironforge.  No one knew for sure why it closed but rumors were as plentiful as fleas on a Tauren.  The Dwarf was a prolific writer, widely acclaimed for his best selling scroll, “Useful Macro Patterns and Paradigms.”  Green made a note to ask sometime what a macro was.  It seemed a popular topic among the academic crowd.

Rounding out the list of new recruits were Morghana, an adorable gnome warlock.  Spanky, an earnest young warrior who had traveled from Draenei lands to aid their fight and Lukes, a Paladin seasoned in combat and a master of the blade.

In recent months they had suffered heavy losses and the reinforcements were badly needed.  Each new member brought their own unique personality and talents and as a group they brought new life to the team.  No one could take the place of the friends they had lost, but new friends made it easier to go on.  He sighed and wished as he so often did that Romer were here.  Training the new recruits had been Romer’s greatest joy and it was times like this when he missed his friend the most.

A gentle knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. 

“Come in … Avetar, how good to see you.”  She was obviously ill at ease and he smiled reassuringly.  “What can I do for you?”

“Can you tell me where to find Romer?”

The intensity in her voice told him her request was prompted by more than idle curiosity.  He sighed heavily and motioned her to sit with him. 

“Romer disappeared the night the Legion invaded.  It has been months since any of us have seen or heard from him.”

She looked up at him and the plea in her eyes twisted at his heart.

“I have to find him, Greenthumper.  I have to talk to him.  It’s about Aleathea.”

***Commentary on Chapter Six***

At the time I wrote this chapter we were about a year and a half into the BC expansion.  By this time, most of us had maxed out our characters and so the alt invasion began.  Almost all of the characters introduced in this chapter are alts of my friends. 

I enjoyed weaving some guild jokes (Fishbulb’s origins & Helliotts macros) and a bit of my guildies personalities into the characters.   Avetar is actually one of my own alts.  Yes, I have two Paladins.  It’s a long story.


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