About Me

My husband and I make our home in Georgia, USA. We co-GM a casual raiding guild on the Draka server made up of friends who have adventured together since the days of Classic WoW. Early this year, I started a character on the RP server Cenarion Circle and now maintain an active presence on both realms.

In the spring of 2008 I happened quite by accident upon Big Red Kitty and discovered my first WoW blogger. For many months I followed the development of the WoW blogging community as a silent watcher. I was impressed by the level of creativity and commitment to sharing knowledge, as well as the supportive and encouraging atmosphere of the community.

After observing for many months, I felt impelled to take up the pen and add my voice to this community. In September of 2008 my blog was born. I am still relatively new to the world of blogging, but already my life has been enriched through the experience. I am deeply grateful to those bloggers who have welcomed me so graciously and helped me find my place in the community.

Writing is one of the few things I do solely for me.  I do it because I love it, because when I write I feel most alive, because when I write I am most truly myself.  This blog is a place where I can write, dream, imagine and share the joys and struggles of my experiences in the World of Warcraft.

Welcome to Hearthstone.



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