About My Characters

Alliance Characters – Draka

Aleathea, Prot Paladin.

Aleathea, my first World of Warcraft character, has always been my first love. My only character for the first two years of my WoW life, she is exalted with nearly every faction in the game. She serves her guild as a favorite heroic tank as well as a competent raid main tank. When she is not tanking she enjoys fishing in Elwyn forest, taking long walks in Feralas and laying waste to villages of merlocs.

Kess, Shadow Priest

Kess leveled all the way up as Holy. Due to the influence of an evil warlock named Deadsong, she turned to the dark side later in life. After tasting the power of the dark side, she never went back. Due to her high utility and dedication to raiding she was a core member of the guild progression raid team in BC. When she isn’t melting faces, she enjoys racing around Outlands on her epic hippogryph and dancing in her winter festival suit under a shower of rose petals.

Avetar, Holy Paladin

Although my least played character, she is dependable and always ready to help out a friend. During Burning Crusade my focus was mainly on tanking and dps, but I was glad to have Avetar around to heal for raids and instances as needed. While I don’t anticipate playing her much in Wrath, it is always nice to have a healer among my options.

Mystre, Frost Mage

Mystre was born from a need to take a break from the stress of leadership and progression raiding. Three other officers and I rolled Draenei alts and leveled to Outlands together. Those weeks spent together represent one of the happiest periods of my WoW life. While not completely epiced out like her sisters, she is always happy to bring her buffet, intellect and CC utility to a group and what she lacks in uber gear she makes up for in dedication and skill.

Deb, BM Hunter & Giselle

A few months before Wrath’s release things slowed down a bit in the guild. I felt the urge to go back once more to the world of Azeroth and visit the old sights, experience the quests again, and relive old times. As a long time fan of Big Red Kitty, I was ready to try my hand at huntering, foshizzle!

I named her Deb in honor of my oldest and dearest WoW friend – a hunter who had taken a break from the game but with whom I still communicated regularly in real life. From the day I tamed my beautiful ghost saber, Giselle, I was hooked. Never, in all my WoW experience, have I so enjoyed leveling a class and I have a feeling she may one day surpass Kess as my preferred DPS.

Horde Characters – Cenarion Circle

Reant, 250 gold later

Reant, Prot Warrior

I have long had an interest in Role Playing. In early 2009 I met Arrens, a fellow blogger and active Role Player who encouraged me to give it a try. Several years ago I was involved in the tabletop WoW RP game. Choosing my favorite character from those campaigns, I decided to continue her story on the RP realm of Cenarion Circle and Reant, the Forsaken, was reborn.


These are my girls. Each with her own unique abilities. Each with her own intriguing story. Each with her own special place in my heart. You’ll hear a lot about them in the days ahead as this blog is as much about their stories as it is about my own.


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