Introduction to My Story

September 16, 2008

As a child I loved to created fantasy worlds in which imaginary characters existed interacting with one another and the world around them. Through the years I developed a deep appreciation for the power of imagination and its ability to transport you to a place where the limitations of daily life are replaced by endless possibilities.

In World of Warcraft I discovered a rich history and vibrant realm – fertile soil in which my imagination took flight.  My in-game characters soon took on life of their own.

This is their story.

I began writing it two years ago, shortly after my guild was formed.  My interactions within the game provide the inspiration that shapes the story, and all of the characters found in it are fellow WoW players.

Since I believe an understanding of the in-game relationships and events paralleling the story line allow for deeper appreciation, I will share a bit of commentary at the end of each chapter.

I have always enjoyed writing stories, but until a year ago I never shared them with anyone.  For me, writing is deeply personal.  I never feel more vulnerable than when offering my stories to another to read. It was through the acceptance and encouragement of my friends in-game that I found the courage to share this part of myself.

Perhaps something in my stories will spark your imagination and take you on a journey of your own. If it does, I’d love to hear about it. Stories are, after all, meant to be shared.



  1. You are one of the blogs that has inspired me to start roleplaying. My story is going to be about the life of my druid Dawnstahr, and I would really enjoy it if you could maybe help me along the way with some tips on roleplaying or anything to improve my writing. So if you feel like it go check it out in a few days I’ll have my first post beginning the story 🙂

  2. Dawnstahr, I am delighted that you have decided to try your hand at the world of role play, and furthermore that you have decided to write about it. I will warn you now, it can be addicting and draw you in more than you ever expect!

    As for tips, I recommend you check out the blogs, Through the Eyes of Death and Blogatella. They are both listed on my blogroll. Arrens from Through the Eyes of Death has done a series of interviews with prominent RPers. They offer some great advice for new and veteran role players alike. Blogatella is authored by a team of experienced writers/RP’ers and is full of great info.

    For myself, the best tip I can give you is to keep a notebook beside your computer and write down the little details that other RPers drop about their characters. It gives you great food for future RP and shows others that you are interested in them.

    Most of all … enjoy!

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