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Monday Update

April 20, 2009

Things are a little quiet on my blog right now, mostly due to a number of things going on in-game right now. Lest you think I have forgotten you, here is a brief update on my activities in both realms.

Aleathea: Draka realm

I am back to progression raiding as our ten man team works its way through Ulduar. The trash is more difficult than many of the bosses we have encountered so far in Wrath. This is as it should be. It feels like the old days when raiding was something you did with a skilled team, not random pugs.

Repair bills run 150+ gold per night and the epics are few and far between at this stage. This tends to weed out those who are just there for the free loot and it is a pleasure to spend time once more in the company of dedicated raiders who are there for the challenge. I had missed this more than I realized.

Reant: Cenarion Circle RP realm

I have discovered the pleasure of forum style RP and writing in collaboration with friends. It is like a drug. The high I get from participating in these RP stories is incredibly addicting and I spend a majority of my non-game free time working on them.

Despite everything else going on, I have gotten Reant to Outlands and she will likely arrive in Northrend this week. Leveling has been a bit slower than normal, due to the fact that I get distracted so easily by our in-character guild chat.

You would think me mad if you observed me, glued to my screen alternately laughing and holding my breath as I watch the stories unfold before me. I keep telling myself “Just ten more minutes, then I must log.” But, it’s like trying to leave in the middle of a good movie. Ten minutes later a new twist has developed and you just can’t leave until you find out what happens.

Be warned, fair readers. Do not tread lightly into this world of RP, especially if you have a keen imagination and addictive personality. You will get sucked in faster than you ever imagined. But, oh what fun you will have!

I imagine for the next few weeks my posts will be a little less frequent as I focus on my in-game activities and forum writing projects. I am sure you are busy as well and I hope you are enjoying the game as much as I am. Be well.