The Ledge Boss

April 7, 2009

Lurking deep in the Construct Quarter, the Ledge Boss represents a hurdle for many raiders. To conquer this Boss, one must jump from the add platform onto Thaddius’ platform without falling into the green goo beneath. This sounds simple enough, but in practice both new and veteran raiders alike find this surprisingly difficult.

To overcome this challenge, many guides recommend Levitate, Slow Fall or Aspect of the Pack be applied to the raid. These abilities are all well and good, but unless you play a Priest, Mage or Hunter they depend on someone else. Personally, I like to minimize my dependence on others as much as possible.

swiftness-potionFortunately, there is a secret weapon at your disposal. It’s called a Swiftness potion. Pop one of these little babies and sail across the chasm like Indiana Jones himself.  These can be purchased off the AH, or you can contact your local alchemist. Mats include Swiftthistle x1, Briarthorn x1 and Empty Vial x1.

Go forth and leap to victory!



  1. I finally saw Thaddius this past weekend and managed to find my way into the big green goo not once, but twice. Turns out, I probably should’ve sprinted across the platform, huh? *kicks puddle of big green goo* Stupid goo.

  2. I blame Thaddius for my addiction to Swiftness Potion.

  3. @ Arrens. That goo has a way of attracting people. Even the most experienced raiders find themselves irresistably drawn to it some times. Oh, and you rogues with your built in swiftness potion make me jealous.

    @Elleiras. Indeed. I keep a stack on me at all times, but I can stop drinking them any time I want. Really…

  4. Great tip! I’d never thought about it.

    Come 3.1, Aspect of the Pack is slated to be raid-wide, which will help for those who aren’t informed enough to be reading your blog. 🙂

  5. Hm – being a priest myself, I (sadly) didn’t even think of using Levitate on myself the first time I saw Thaddius – it took someone else in a raid to say, “At least Priests can Levitate!” that the lightbulb went off. And I’m really really glad I have it, since I am notoriously bad at jumping. Anywhere – not just this particular boss.

    But I’ll be sure to pass the Swiftness Potion idea along 😀

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