Monday Updates

March 16, 2009

Nothing too exciting today, just a few updates.

In Real Life

I work for a state agency in Georgia. Due to the economic downturn, my department is being outsourced at the end of next month. Having anticipated this possibility a while back, I began taking classes for Medical Coding and Billing and plan a transition into that field later this year.  I am about two thirds of the way done with the program and it’s been pretty easy … until now.

Enter Anatomy and Physiology II. Last week I made a 55 on the mid-term, earning it the distinction of being the first exam I have ever failed in my entire life.  Fortunately, I recovered some ground with my research paper. Tonight, I have my final.  As long as I don’t completely bomb it, I should pass and be done with this wretched class.  Wish me luck!

In WoW

This week represented progress on several fronts.

My Alliance guild on Draka went into Naxx 25 this weekend and cleared all but Thaddius, Sapphron and the Big Man KT himself. Our two holy priests did a particularly stellar job learning Razuvious on the fly, big kudos to them!  Aleathea picked up best in slot boots and a nice chestpiece upgrade … which exposes her midrif both front and back.  I swear, the more armor a piece of gear has the less it covers.  Anyway, tonight we go back to finish the job in Naxx.  Wish us luck!

We also picked up a couple new guildies this week as a few PUG’s we’ve been regularly running with decided they’d like to hang their hat with us. We are getting close to having enough raiders to run all guild 25 mans. As delightful as that prospect is, I have to admit I’ll miss the PUG’s. They provide so much entertainment.

Reant, my Forsaken Warrior on Cenarion Circle, broke into the fifties this weekend. She picked up Warbringer and Devastate and is feeling pretty bad @ss. I rolled a warrior for RP reasons, but along the way I have completely fallen in love with the class.   As Aleathea, my Prot Paladin, I enjoyed the rise to super star status in BC, but always felt a little sorry for my Warrior buddies. I feel sorry for them no longer. While warriors may not be the de facto best in any one area, they have an impressive array of abilities that allow them excel in every area. In my opinion, they are the strongest all purpose tanks. I particularly love their mobility and strength against casters. I eagerly look forward to reaching max rank and having the entire “toolbox” at my disposal.

Hopefully I’ll have more time to write more later this week. For now, I have to go study for my final tonight.

Happy Monday, everyone!



  1. Good luck on your test!

    And 2 prot-specced classes? Seriously…/boggle!

  2. I’ve tried healing as a priest and a paladin. I’ve tried dps as a mage, hunter and shadow priest. In the end, I’m a tank at heart and it’s the one role I never grow tired of. Prot for life, baby!

  3. Enjoy your web page. What a pity you aren’t sitting exams on WOW, you’d be getting A+ Good luck however with the down to earth bread and butter stuff 🙂

  4. Best of luck on your exam! 🙂

  5. Thank you Arrens, Getinbehind and Maiara for the warm wishes. I aced my final last night and am officially done with this class, woot!

    In WoW news, we took out Thaddius and Sapphron 25 last night in guild firsts. Got KT to 12% but it was getting late so we had to call it. Now we have the key for Eye of Eternity 25 so we’ll be giving that a shot Saturday. /cheer!

  6. My wife is doing that right now. If I could only get her to finish the class… Good luck btw!

  7. Thank you, Kyrilean. I only have three classes left, so I’m feeling the motivation that comes when you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been a bit of a long road though … best of luck to your wife!

  8. I hope you do well on your exam – I’m sure you’ll gain back plenty of ground 😉

    I’m glad that you’re enjoying your warrior so much and that your Alliance guild is doing so well – guild accomplishments really do feel great.

  9. The results are in and I scored a 91 on the final. Ended up passing the class with a solid “B”. Woot! Feels *almost* as good as downing a new boss.

    Thanks everyone for the kind and encouraging comments. You made my day a little bit brighter. ❤

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