Blog Challenge

February 24, 2009

Last week Maiara from Voodoo Ventures tagged me for a fun challenge that’s been making its way around the blogging community.  She asked me to publish the 6th screenthot in my 6th folder.   I tend to take a lot of screenshots.  Pretty much anytime something interesting happens, whether it be from an RP perspective or just something fun going on in the guild, I take a picture.  I was a little curious to see what image would end up being the lucky one.  I was also more than a little afraid it would turn out to be “random picture of the pretty trees in Crystalsong Forest #10” or something equally boring.   As it turns out, this screenshot actually has a fun story behind it.


This screenshot was taken before a Naxx raid. My character, Aleathea, is standing in the middle. My hunter friend, Yemala, is standing to the left of me and his newest pet, “Aleathea”, is standing to the right of me. Yes, he named his pet Aleathea.

It’s part of a fun game I play with my hunter friends.

Periodically one of them starts the game by naming a pet after me.

I play along by pretending to be highly offended.

They pretend to be highly offended that I’m offended and insist I should consider it a great honor. After all, what beautiful woman wouldn’t want to have a big hairy gorilla, or giant creeping spider, or ferocious slavering lion named after her!

I threaten to kick them from the raid if they don’t change the name.

They threaten to gquit if I don’t let them keep it.

I warn them I’ve lost my “taunt” button.

They warn me they’ve found “misdirect” and are prepared to use it judiciously on the healers.

We typically carry on this way for a few days until the hunter finally moves on to a new pet and peace is restored to the guild.

I would never admit it to them, but I actually do get warm fuzzies when one of my friends name their latest companion after me. What can I say. Despite her tough girl exterior, Aleathea is a complete softie at heart.

**Thanks Maira for the inspiration behind this post. I had forgotten about this screenshot and enjoyed a good laugh remembering the night it was taken.**


One comment

  1. Delightful little story! 🙂

    It was a pleasure to read and I know what you mean. I’ve never had a pet named after yet but I’ve seen hunters do think kind of homage to really good dpsers.

    Thanks for accepting the challenge!

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