Milestones: A New Title and a New Mount

February 23, 2009

malySaturday night my guild downed Malygos for the first time. This was our most challenging encounter yet, and there was a real sense of accomplishment in downing him. It is always a pleasure when reaching the end goal to look back at what you learned along the way. I am certainly a stronger player because of this experience.

With Malygos defeat, Aleathea earned the title, Champion of the Frozen Wastes. It is my first Wrath title, and one I will display with pride for a long time to come.

back-in-the-saddle1The next day Reant, my Forsaken on Cenarion Circle, reached level thirty and I was able to purchase my skeletal horse. Thirty levels of running everywhere left me more than a little footsore, and I am delighted to be back in the saddle again.

While questing in the Tauren Mill area, I happened upon a group of RPers who I recognized from the clinic Tuesday night. Mustering my courage, I approached them and we chatted for a while. It was my first bit of spontaneous RP and was really a lot of fun.

Each time I interact in an RP setting I find it easier than the last. It is surprisingly like real life. When you first meet someone, it is a bit awkward, but as you encounter them regularly conversation flows much freer. I joined a guild today, so I anticipate plenty of opportunity for spontaneous RP in the days ahead. This experience is turning out to be quite an adventure.


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