Da Doctas

February 20, 2009

Written by Ailia Reant

Day Twenty Two:

I spent a good part of the afternoon thinning the population of Thunder Lizards in the area surrounding Camp Taurajo. Not the most exciting job I’ve ever done, but it paid well. Completing my work there, I headed back to the Crossroads. Upon my arrival, I noticed a large crowd gathered around a tent on the north end of town. Curious, I drew near and inquired of a guard what was taking place. He explained that a group of healers had set up a temporary clinic in town.

I soon learned this group was from Da Doctas, a school for healers and an organization dedicated to keeping the Horde healthy in body, spirit and mind. Once a week they take to the road, traveling from their campus near Sen’jin to the Crossroads and other locations throughout Kalimdor providing free medical care. Throughout the evening, a steady stream of patients arrived. Each one was quickly ushered into the hands of a healer under the watchful eye of the *Head Protecta, a Forsaken the others called Arrens.

Arrens is the first Forsaken I have encountered since I left Brill. There are many questions I would have liked to ask, but he was a bit preoccupied defending the camp against Alliance attacks. Judging from the respectful manner in which the others address him, it is clear he is an individual of some importance at the school. I’m a bit curious how he came to be associated with them. A skilled fighter and strong leader, I would expect to see him leading forces in Northrend, not working with the sick in Kalimdor. There is nothing in his manner that strikes me as particularly altruistic or compassionate, so perhaps they pay well for his services. The guard told me they return every week, so perhaps I will have an opportunity to speak with him in the future.

Late in the evening after the patients had gone, I struck up a conversation with a young blood elf. I had observed her earlier caring for a sick child. Her hands were gentle, even for an elf. Her eyes brimmed with compassion for the child and distraught mother. Remembering the Alliance attack two days ago and my inability to help the dying Tauren, I expressed my appreciation for her efforts and we soon fell to talking. She had only recently come to Da Doctas where she serves as an apprentice to one of the school instructors. Her luminous eyes shone as she shared her passion for healing children and recounted stories of her work at the newly constructed pediatrics clinic on campus. A bit of her enthusiasm infected me and, at one point, I actually smiled. It was a strange sensation.

She introduced me to several associates and I spent the rest of the night in their company. It felt good to be with others. When it came time to leave, she invited me to visit the campus sometime and see for myself the clinic where she works. I would like to learn more of this school. Perhaps, when my work here is complete, I will travel to Sen’jin and take her up on the offer.

I do not know what my future holds, but I know that tonight, for the first time since I woke in Deathknell, I felt alive.

*Upon inquiry, I learned that a protecta is a guard employed by the school for the protection of the instructors and students.


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