My Second RP Event

February 18, 2009

Last night I attended my second in-game RP event.

Considering the epic fail that was my first attempt, things could only get better. My panic level remained manageable this time, and I eventually relaxed enough to enjoy myself. I spent most of the night just watching, but I did engage in several conversations. In the process, I discovered a couple of challenges I had not anticipated.

Challenge Number One:

Chat flows very fast when you have a lot of people engaged in RP conversation. This presented a bit of a difficulty for me as a new RPer. More often than not, by the time I thought of something appropriate to express and got it all typed out, the conversation had already moved on and what I was responding to was no longer relevant. This difficulty was relieved somewhat as the evening wore on and people formed smaller groups. I think, for the time being, I will restrict my RP conversation to small groups and be content to just observe the large crowds.

Challenge Number Two:

Finding myself in an unfamiliar social setting, my natural tendency was to react as the real me rather than as my character. Whenever someone addressed me, a response based on how I felt immediately came to mind. At that point, I had to take an extra step in the thought process and try to imagine how Reant would feel and what her response would be. For someone new to real time RP, this whole thought process takes some time. The result is that everyone else is moving on while my character stands there like a deaf mute staring stupidly. I’ll provide an actual example from last night in a moment.


In-game RP is far more challenging than the RP I do through my blog. When I write stories, I have all the time I need to imagine how my character feels and what her response to any situation would be. With in-game RP, it’s all happening in real time. While this presents a challenge, it also provides a sense of excitement and an added dimension to the experience. In this setting, you enjoy a dynamic relationship with others. Their words and actions shape the world around you, and you have the opportunity to influence their world as well. It was fascinating to watch the experienced RPers interact with one another. The level of creativity with which they express themselves is remarkable. I have a long road ahead of me, but with each step I take, I find the journey more compelling and my desire to become a part in this world renewed.


Here is a behind the scenes look at my first in-game meeting with Arrens last night.

Shifting through ten pages of World of Warcraft emotes, I choose something truly uninspired.

“Reant eyes Arrens up and down.”

Calling on his vast RP experience and creativity, he replies with a customized emote.

“Arrens warns Reant not to sneak up on people or she might get hurt.”


At this point, a furious internal dialogue takes place.

Me: “OMG, Arrens noticed us. Quick, say something!”

Myself: “Say …something. Right. Hold that thought…”

*Sound of furious shuffling of papers, something falls off the desk and breaks.*

Me: “What the fel are you doing?”

Myself: “Just, going through my notes. I’ve got something here for this situation …”

Me: “Notes? You don’t need notes, just say something.”

Myself: “Mmhmm, just … give me a minute … should be right here, somewhere in the section between “Roleplaying and You: Emotes” and “RP Fears and First Steps”.

Me: “For the love of Elune, this is RP, not physics. Forget your notes and think of something creative to say!”

Myself: “You must be mad. You know I’m not creative.”

Me: “Oh please, you never needed notes when we were kids. You can’t tell me you’ve forgotten everything.”

Myself: “Live Long and Prosper?”

Me: Aack! We’ve been standing here for thirty seconds staring at him. By now he has no doubt begun to suspect that we are an idiot and is wondering why he ever invited us here. If you don’t think of something good to say soon we’re finished.”

Myself: “But … my notes … I can’t …help!”

Me: “Ok, start by looking at what he said, and then think of an appropriate response.”

Myself: “What he said, right. Um, that I might get hurt if I sneak… wait a minute. Is that a threat? Did he threaten us! Why that son of a, “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elder-“

Me: “Ummm”

Myself: “Yes?”

Me: “Just … go die in a fire.”


“Reant blinks stupidly at Arrens.”


Myself: “Hey Me?”

Me: “Yes?”

Myself: “Think he’ll let us come back next week?

Me: “No.”

Myself: “What if we offer to bring him a gnome?”

Me: “That … might do the trick.”

Me: “To Gnomeregan!”



  1. Bahahaha! I swear on my son’s life, I have tears streaming down my face from laughter. Hahaha! Brilliant. Seriously. Just…brilliant.

    Don’t kick yourself, you did outstanding. Things to remember: Emotes are just that: Emotions or thoughts your character may be having. This is great to inform others OOCly, but unless you put something in quotes to show your character actually speaking, it may not necessarily be something that can be responded to.

    For example, if you were to type an emote that said something like “Reant ponders stabbing Arrens in the back”, that would OOCly let me know you’re there. However, Arrens isn’t a mind-reader and thus wouldn’t be able to give an apt response to it, particularly if his back is turned to you and couldn’t feasibly read facial expressions. Use emotes to express your character’s emotions or movements. Everything else (in instances like last night’s RP) should be done in /say.

    Fear not, Aleathea. Ya did just fine and you’re always welcome to the Clinic 😉

    Oh, and by the way? That was a relatively small crowd compared to some clinics. 😉

  2. Also? Bringing Gnomes for lunch to Arrens will endear you to him forever. This is a tactic so few people actually realize. *sagenod*

  3. Welcome to the RP scene! I thought the named sounded familiar…did I get eyed last night as well? Hmmm…I seem to recall a Reant doing some things, but I was busy killing a certain undead rogue…


    Great fun was had 🙂

  4. Arrens, I am relieved you are still willing to associate with me. You did an amazing job leading the event last night. I plan to attend the clinic as often as my schedule permits. It is my sincere hope that, given time, I will become a contributing member of your RP community. Suggestions and advice are always most welcome. Thanks for the great example and all the guidance.

    Cait, I was indeed eying you last night. Considering the mess you were making of Arrens, I deemed it prudent to remain within town … hiding behind a guard. I imagine once I gain a few more *seasons* you’ll see more of me. I have frequented your blog in the past and am delighted to discover you are on the server. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web. 🙂

  5. Yeah it was a lot of fun 🙂 Arrens and I discovered we were both on CC quite recently. However, due to having 10 characters on CC, the choice was made to transfer all the Horde to Wyrmrest Accord during the free xfers. RL friends keep us on the Alliance side of CC.

    I might make a little Hordie though to visit you guys in the clinic 🙂 It sounds fun. Instead of crashing it, I could be a part of it! =P

  6. Hm. I may have to steal your gnome gift idea for when I venture out on some Tuesday night.

    I was glad to read this though! I hadn’t really thought about what may happen if I actually ventured out to an RP event. I’ll have to practice thinking on my toes.

  7. Cait, you should totally roll a baby Hordie and come play on our team! I know an excellent place to hide from marauding Alliance. Just…don’t tell Platezilla.

    Anea, I’m sure Arrens will take all the gnomes he can get. I have never been good at thinking on my toes, but I guess the best way to learn is to just do it. If you do give it a go and roll on our server, we can practice together. I can just imagine the conversations … five minutes between each emote. I promise not to laugh if you won’t. 😉

  8. absolutely hilariuous, laughing out loud at work.

    good luck at your continued efforts of rp

  9. Glad you enjoyed it, Yngvar. I still alternate between laughing and blushing whenever I recall that night. It’s been a couple months and, although I’m still rather bad at face-to-face RP, it’s gotten easier.

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