A Night to Remember

February 17, 2009

Last night, my guild downed Sarth & 1 drake for the first time. I was the drake & add tank and that encounter is, without a doubt, the most challenging thing I have ever tanked. Aside from Malygos, this is the first encounter that has presented a real challenge and it was a huge rush to see him go down.

After the raid, I eagerly switched to Reant, my character on an RP server. I had read on the realm forums about an in-game event at the Ratchet Inn scheduled for that evening. I was eager to attend and meet some “real” RP’ers. I had reached level twenty only speaking to one person along the way. Considering my goal was to take part in RP, I figured it was time to branch out and get to know some folks. I did my homework and downloaded FlagRSP, printed out my list of RP “Do’s and Don’ts” from Arrens, and was ready to go.

watchingWhen I arrived in Ratchet and looked up at the inn, something happened I did not expect.

I panicked. Really panicked. You know, the heart pounding, stomach wrenching, sweaty palm kind. I haven’t felt that way in years.

I spent the next thirty minutes sitting on a rock overlooking the town just watching people come and go.

Finally, I worked up the nerve to walk down to the mailbox. At that point, I was in range to see the flow of chat as multiple people carried on RP conversations around me. Mustering my courage, I moved inside the inn and sat down. I lasted for about thirty seconds. That is, until the first person attempted to engage me in conversation, at which point I fled. Literally.


I can laugh about it this morning. It is ludicrous. I mean, I just came from tanking progression raid content. I am comfortable leading ten and even twenty-five man raids. I have been an officer for nearly three years and regularly conduct interviews and help orient new members. But, in that moment, I was no longer a confidant, successful, experienced leader. I was a little girl, afraid the other kids wouldn’t want to play with me.

If there is one thing I have learned through my experiences in game, it is that persistence is everything. You cannot be a progression main tank without failling. You cannot be a guild leader without making mistakes. The key is not to let your failures and mistakes define you.

I ended the night more detemined than ever to establish myself in this RP world. I will continue to attend as many in-game events as my schedule will permit. I know, in time, it will become natural. Someday, I will look back at this post, and laugh, and remember how far I have come. Someday, I will meet someone new to RP. I will tell them about my first experience and share with them the lesson I have learned. It doesn’t matter how badly you fail in the beginning as long as you don’t give up.



  1. Ah yes, the first attended RP event. How I remember my first time as well…*eyes glaze over in rememberance of the sad noobishness that was Arrens the rogue*

    You’re absolutely right, though. It’s all about learning and figuring out what works for you. And that event you went to last night? Hosted by one of the best RP guilds on the server. They’re all genuinely good people. I highly recommend trying it out again next week, or even sitting back and taking it all in to see how it works.

    Of course, there’s always tonight in the Crossroads at 7pm server, not that I’m pimping the event MY guild runs and that I’LL be leading tonight 😉

  2. Arrens, I have been looking forward to your guild’s event all week. I am scheduled to tank for tonights raid so, unless I can find a sub, I’ll be about an hour late. I’ll see you there.

  3. I can definitely relate to what you were feeling.

    I’ve done a lot of role playing IRL and I do some role playing on my blog even, but I’ve never engaged in a role playing even in WoW. The first time can always be terrifying, the fear of not knowing all the unspoken rules and making a fool or yourself or letting people down.

    Of course that’s only in our heads 🙂 The people we interact with most often have great understanding for beginners and allow for quite a bit of noobish mistakes, so once you relax and get up the courage to get into it, it usually ends up just fine, not to mention you’ll have a lot of fun!

    I’ve been wanting to start an RP character for quite some time now and maybe I’ll give it a go soon. Just as long as you go first and let us know how it all goes 🙂

  4. Maiara, I would love to hear about your IRL role playing sometime. Have you blogged about it? I miss table top RP with my friends. We had some good times and all of Reant’s back story comes from my World of Warcraft tabletop RP playing days.

    If you ever decide to try your hand at RP in-game, I can recommend an excellent server 😉

  5. Nicely done though–nerves or not! Once you feel comfortable, I think you’ll find it as one of the best parts of any game–MMO or tabletop! It takes guts though, because (at least in my experience) it’s much more personal than just Healing or Tanking. Congrats!

  6. Fergusonfinn, although I am new to RP, I can already agree that it is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game. At least for me. It is hard to believe I spent the last three+ years of my WoW life barely knowing in-game RP existed. I still get nervous, but it is getting easier. Thanks for the support!

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