A New Beginning

February 13, 2009

Written by Ailia Reant

I am not a skilled writer. In truth, I am far more comfortable wielding a sword than a pen. Nevertheless, I have resolved to commit my thoughts to parchment so they will not be lost to time. When I write, I feel a connection with my former life. In this one way, I retain something of the woman I was.

Day One:

I have awakened in a nightmare. My limbs feel stiff and awkward. I burn with insatiable hunger that food does not allay. I am weak as a young child, barely able to lift my crude weapon. I am told the Lich King’s control over me is broken. I am told, I am free. I take little comfort in the thought. Perhaps, in time, I will grow accustomed to this existence. Perhaps, in time, I will grow accustomed to the sight of those around me. I do not know whether to hope for these things, or be afraid.

Day Six:

Today I fed on human flesh for the first time. It was a woman, a member of the Scarlet Crusade. The taste of her flesh alleviated my hunger even as the thought of what I did made me retch. When I returned to Executor Arren with my report, he seemed pleased with my progress. I fear I am losing myself.

Day Nine:

I visited the Undercity today. More than once, I reflexively drew my sword at the sight of the Abominations, Guardians of the Undercity. They must be used to such things, for they paid me no heed. The memory of my old life is still fresh. I no longer belong in the land of the living, but I don’t yet belong here either.

Day Ten:

Coleman FarthyWhen I returned from the Undercity I found Brill devestated by an Alliance attack. I entered Gallows End Tavern to find everyone dead. Or, whatever it is that happens to us when the dark magic that animates a corpse is broken.

I knelt beside the body of Coleman Farthing. Yesterday he asked my help in taking revenge on the family that brought him to this fate. I understand his desire for vengeance. I will honor his request.

A Blood Elf entered the inn and saw me kneeling beside the fallen. I suppose he thought I was grieving. He opened his pack and drew out some supplies; a healing draught, a weapon and some food. He gave them to me, along with a gold piece. I was reluctant to accept the gift, but in the end practicality won out over my pride. I will repay him someday.

Soon, I will leave this place. I have the resources now to travel, and I need to find a safe place where I can train and regain my former strength.

My thoughts unwittingly drift to Skelto, Shiori, Muldov … those friends I traveled with in life. They would not know me now, nor would I want them to see what I have become. I will not write of them again. It is best not to remember.



  1. Hey Aleathea!

    Sorry that this is not post related, but I was a bit unsure where to put it.

    You’ve been challenged to make a post on your blog! Read about it here:

    Hope you like it and want to participate 🙂


  2. Love it! I’m intensely interested in reading more of your Forsaken’s journey through undeath and all the intersting things it brings to WoW lore.

  3. Maiara, I lost all my screenshots when I got a new computer last week. I’ll see what I can come up with though. Thanks for thinking of me 🙂

    Arrens, thank you for the kind feedback. Coming from you, it means a lot. I enjoy writing stories, and the RP environment certainly supplies me with plenty of subject matter. I expect Reants journey through undeath will be well documented.

  4. Really good read, keep it up!!

  5. Rems, glad you stopped by. Thank you for the encouragement. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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