Tank LFG

February 5, 2009

inv_shield_49A few days ago, I read a blog post entitled, 9 Ways to Stay a Sharp Tank by Vene of TankingTips.com

In this post Vene states,

Nothing keeps your tanking skills duller than a perfect group that knows exactly how to communicate with each other.

He went on to recommend regularly running with PUG’s as a way to sharpen your skills.

Realizing that he is absolutely right, I screwed up my courage and joined LFG. Five minutes later, I was headed to heroic DTK. The group convened inside the instance, we buffed up, and I started pulls eager for a challenge.

The Shaman dropped tremor totems without having to be asked, the Rogue quickly darted out of the shadow pools, the Priest kept pace with me and never let my health drop low, all the dps followed the kill order and even waited patiently at the LOS spots. In short, they were as good a PUG as I’ve ever run with.

We ran a few more together and, at the end of the night, phone numbers were exchanged all round and we promised to get together again soon. I logged off a bit disappointed.

Undaunted, the next night I joined LFG again. Ater all, how often do you get a perfect PUG? In less than a minute I had an invite. I accepted without paying much attention to the names of my party members. It wasn’t until I zoned into the instance and looked around that I saw the Shaman, the Rogue and the Priest from my PUG the night before. I laughed out loud.

A decent PUG is hard to find these days.


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  1. Thx. Good compliment.

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