First Love

November 13, 2008


In the weeks leading up to Wrath, I struggled a great deal with which character to level first. I weighed the pros and cons of each, I discussed the subject ad nauseum with my friends and hubby, I even did a blog post hoping that writing about the subject would help me decide. Nothing helped and the night patch 3.0.2 went live, I was still undecided – although I had narrowed it down to my two dps characters. 

I went home from work that night with every intention of logging on to Kess (my shadow priest main for all of BC) or Deb (my new hunter and recent favorite) … but somehow when I found myself looking at the character screen, it was Aleathea, my prot paladin and original character, that I wanted to log on.  And from that night to this, I have only wanted to play her.

I did finish leveling Deb to seventy. I took her on a few raids, got her the T4 set and a shiny bow off Zul’jin, pvped my way to 27,000 honor for a sweet new axe … but as soon as the raid was over and as soon as the honor was farmed I would switch to Aleathea.

This wasn’t in the cards. I’d already ruled her out. The carefully weighed pros and cons declared one of my dps’ers to be a better choice. My hubby was leveling his tank first. It wasn’t supposed to be like this … but I found myself racing home from work to log her on. I found myself jumping in PUG’s for the change to tank when my guildies weren’t around … just because I loved playing her so much. I found the closer Wrath got, the more I wanted to bring her up regardless of my carefully laid plans.

In the end, my hubby decided to level Romer, his mage and his original character, along side Aleathea. It’s been a very long time since those two have leveled together and there is a bit of nostalgia in bringing them together again. If you’ve read my story (particularly chapters three and seven) you’ll understand.

I guess there is something to the idea that your first love is your lasting love. Aleathea was my first in so many way. The first character I ever created on that day, nearly four years ago, when I logged on to my first MMO. All along she has been my first love, and it seems only right that I return to her at the dawn of this new era. She is, afer all, a Paladin and Wrath is her time to shine.

Tonight, Romer and I have an Utgarde Keep date with our best friends, Deakan and Maggee. I remember almost two years ago when the four of us were making our way through the BC starting dungeons. Aleathea, a brand new tank. Deakan, her long-suffering healer. Romer and Maggee, the gnome mages of mass destruction.  Here we are again, two years and so many memories later.  Northrend, here we come!


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