For Ezra

November 3, 2008

Ezra Chatterton

Ezra Chatterton

Many of you are no doubt familiar with the story of Ezra Chatterton, the young WoW player who passed away of brain cancer on October 20th. Thanks to the help of the Make a Wish Foundation and Blizzard, he had the opportunity to fulfill his dream of being a game developer for a day.

After his passing, his father wrote a beautiful tribute to his son in which he thanked the WoW community for their outpouring or support and challenged us to honor the memory of his son by learning to love life as much as Ezra did.

In honor of Ezra, Big Red Kitty is hosting an in-game event, “BRK’s Running of da Bulls for Ezra: The Sacking of Stormwind” this Saturday, November 8th at 6pm EST. BRK encourages all participants who are able to make a small donation to the Make a Wish Foundaton in Ezra’s honor.

This is a beautiful opportunity to honor the memory of one of our own. I encourage you to check out BRK’s site for details on how you can take part in this epic event.


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