Fun Times

October 23, 2008

In my three and a half years playing WoW I have never had so much fun as I have this last week!

My hunter, Deb, hit level seventy this week and went on her first few heroics and her first Kara. Even without a single epic she was averaging 1100 sustained dps every run. During the aoe trash in Kara she hit 1800 dps at one point. I am eager to get her geared up and see just how massive the sustained ranged quantity of dps really is. Needless to say, I’m having the time of my life.

My enjoyment in playing Deb is rivaled only by my enjoyment in playing Aleathea, my prot paladin. Just when I didn’t think tanking could get any more fun Blizzard proved me completely wrong. We have a whole slew of new abilities and I have spent hours enjoying one-on-one sessions with the new target dummy perfecting my new spell rotation.

Raiding this week has been eventful.

We cleared all of ZA for the first time. We have been working on Zul’jin for the last month and got him down to 19% (the final phase) the week before the nerf hit. It would have been nice to have taken him down pre-nerf, but clearing the instance in under two hours gave us time to wipe out ZG and Onyxia as well for the achievements.

I did Kara on both Deb and Aleathea this week. Both runs were well under two hours and were pure fun. I got to tank both Mag and Gruul as well this week and they were equally a breeze.

My friends and I have been farming Headless Horseman and have seen a fair number of sinister squashlings, horseman’s helms and magic brooms … although no mount yet.

All in all I couldn’t be happier and the only drawback is that with as much fun as I’m having in game right now it’s harder to take time to write blog posts!

I am also working on the next chapter of my story which is fun, but takes time away from posting here.

I hope you all are having as much fun right now as I am.

I’ll be in touch!



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